Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter


One of the toughest things we ask our cars, trucks and SUVs to do every year is deal with winter driving conditions. During the cold weather season, our cars have to deal with mud, snow, slush, and rain. Prepping your car for winter driving improves its overall reliability, while making driving in inclement weather less prone to catastrophe.

Benna Ford knows how hard winter is on the Twin Ports. Before it gets even harder, here are some things to do before the temperatures drop even further.

Polish And Wax Your Car

A fresh coat of wax at the beginning of the cold weather driving season will make it more difficult for grime to ruin your paint.

Check The Battery

Cold weather reduces a battery's charge. Get it checked before the cold season hits. If it's weak, replace it.

Change Your Coolant

Keep in mind coolant used to go by another name-antifreeze. Starting the season with fresh coolant will prevent a frozen engine, which could lead to a cracked block.

Inspect The Tires

Tires cut through snow and mud best when they have good tread on them and are properly inflated. Cold weather decreases tire pressure; so you'll want to check it more frequently in cold conditions. If you live in an area where snow chains are required, make sure yours are in good condition while the weather's still good, and practice installing them before you need them

Refresh Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Visibility is naturally reduced in winter - rain, snow and the spray from other cars make it difficult to see where you're going. Fresh wiper blades go a long way toward ensuring you can see out of your car. If you have to park outside in freezing weather, lock the wiper arms in the upward position, so the blades don't freeze on the windshield.

Replace All Fluids

In addition to your coolant, motor oil and transmission fluid have to work harder in winter. If you have an older car and/or run single viscosity lubricants, replacing them at the beginning of the season with a lighter viscosity helps them get up to operating temperature more quickly in frigid conditions. This preserves those vital components by reducing wear.

Test Your Lights

Days are shorter in winter. You'll likely be driving between home and work in the dark. Your lights become even more important. Make sure all of the lighting systems work on your car, and keep them as clean as possible so they can be seen by other motorists.

Need some help getting through another tough Twin Ports winter? Our service and parts departments at Benna Ford are ready to help. Contact us and we can make it through another winter together!

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