Accessorize Your Ford This Winter!


Are you absolutely, positively ready for winter?


The Parts Department at Benna Ford is your source to accessorize your vehicle for winter. There are a lot of things you might need that is available through Ford and other suppliers we use that we either stock at the store or order for you.


What do we recommend for winter accessories?

All Weather Tray-Style Floor Liners: Handles the mud and snow from your boots, melts them away. All you do is hose them off to get them clean again.


Emergency Kit: Ford offers a 10-piece kit that is good year-round. It includes a 10-gauge jumper cable, safety triangle, flashlight, 48-page guidebook, cotton gloves, tire pressure gauge, rain poncho, "Call Police" banner, first aid facts, 2 wet wipes, 5 bandages, 3 bug bite swabs, 2 alcohol wipes, and 2 antiseptic wipes. You may also want to include blanket, as well. These items are also available separately.   



Window Brush/Scraper: Ice will form on your windows when the temperatures drop - especially if you leave your Ford outside. Not to mention the snow that fell while you were away. A combination brush and scraper is the best accessory to have in your vehicle. Brush away the snow and scrape the ice off of your windows!


Cleaning/Detailing Kit: Even in winter, it is best keep your vehicle clean. Mostly to not let road salt and other winter gunk build up through the season. You can put together a cleaning and detailing kit with several types of solution for your vehicle. 


Stop by the Parts Department at the Twin Ports' community-minded auto dealership, Benna Ford, to see what we have in store for you this winter. If not, let us order it for you! 

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