The Benna Ford Toy Store

How many times have you purchased a vehicle and then spent thousands of dollars trying to customize it and it never is quite what you envisioned? At Benna Ford we know how you think and feel, because we like our toys as much as you, so, we created the Benna Toy Store.

With Benna Ford we offer some of the most exciting and cutting edge custom Mustang's and F150's on the market. We offer the legendary Roush Mustang's as well as a number of very cool F150's depending on what you are looking for. Click below on the "TOY" you like the best and find out more, then come in to Benna Ford and let's talk about how we can help you put one in your driveway!

Order Your New F-150 Raptor From Benna Ford


The Shelby F-150 From Benna Ford


The Tuscany FTX From Benna Ford


 The Tuscany Black Ops From Benna Ford


 The Roush F-150 From Benna Ford

The Roush Raptor From Benna Ford


The Roush Mustang From Benna Ford


Pre-Owned "Cool Cars"