2016 Best Christmas Ever With Benna Ford Roush


BEST CHRISTMAS EVER (BCE) is a group of friends and local businesses that came together in 2011 to help just one family in a major way by giving them the Best Christmas Ever.  Since 2011 BCE has expanded across MN and into WI.  In 2016, FIFTY families will be given an amazing Christmas!

BCE puts a call out for the nominations of families with children who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.  Once the families are chosen, BCE reaches out to find out all that they can about the their wants and needs.  These families are not made aware that they have been nominated.  Right before Christmas the community has a gift wrapping party and all of the great gifts are delivered to the family in need!

THIS YEAR'S FAMILY:  A family of 6: Mom, Dad, Girl (10), Boy (8), Girl (18 mos.), & Girl (4 mos.).  When mom went in to have a cesarean birth, she suffered a very rare complication and almost died.  She spent 2 weeks in ICU, along with postpartum health issues.  The mother has since been diagnosed with diabetes and permanent cognitive impairments, and, has been unable to take care of the children independently.  Her husband, being the sole bread winner, was unable to work as he needed to be home with the children while she was in the ICU.  Now, while the father is at work, others are helping her care for the children.

HOW TO DONATE:  There is a Christmas Tree on the showroom floor of Benna Ford.  There are tags on the tree that have basic needs like tooth brushes, food certificates, gas certificates, every day basic need items, and toys for the children.

The goal is not only to ensure a deserving family receives an amazing Christmas but also to help them get back on their feet, even if just for a moment.  We will be taking donations at Benna Ford Roush until DECEMBER 15th.